A patient asked me today if it was OK to eat trans-fats or hydrogenated oils or was that all “bogus science?”

It’s true what they say … you are what you eat!

The types of fats you eat become the structural basis for your cells, especially your brain and nervous tissue.

Most of my thyroid patients suffer with some degree of brain fog and cognitive problems so this issue of hydrogenated oils and trans fats becomes critically important.

The hydrogenated fat you eat becomes part of the membrane of your brain and nervous tissue … the part used to carry out some of the most important functions such as conducting nerve signals and inter-cellular communication.  

Because of the unnatural structure of these fat, cells and neurons composed partly of hydrogenated fat do not function properly.

When trans fats become part of the cells and the nerve sheaths they replace vital brain fats, such as DHA, an essential omega-3 fatty acid. 

As a result cellular communication suffers, the cells degenerate, and the person can experience a wide range of consequences, including diminished mental performance, mood disorders, memory loss, or health problems ie. Brain Fog.

Although conventional wisdom says all things are OK in moderation, hydrogenated fats are a man-made substance closer to plastic than food. When eaten they become a part of  your cells and your brain for some time. Therefore it is best to avoid them completely.

Our natural thyroid recovery program addresses the issue from a functional perspective that get’s right to the root of the problem. If you still are having symptoms I invite you to schedule A FREE Consultation and Case Review to see if our approach is right for you.