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Carolinas Thyroid Institute—Using a Natural, Functional Medicine Approach
to Low-Thyroid Symptoms & Hashimoto’s Disease

“I had to give up a job and was afraid that my quality of life was declining…. After tests that I’ve probably needed all my life and just a month of treatments, it’s amazing. I didn’t know how bad I felt until I started waking up in the morning and having energy to do the things I’ve been putting off for years.”    —Mary W., Gastonia, N.C.*

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*Individual results may vary.


Though located in the Gastonia-Charlotte area of North Carolina, our Functional Medicine practice includes both local and distant patients nationwide. We truly care about people who continue to suffer with low-thyroid symptoms— people who have been let down by our traditional Western medical system. Hypothyroid (low-thyroid) symptoms include fatigue, weight gain, depression, hair loss, brain fog, and other devastating problems.  Often, these symptoms get worse, even after an increased dose of thyroid hormone, because doctors ignore the real problem: an immune system that attacks the patient’s own thyroid. Functional Medicine carefully and thoroughly addresses these symptoms.

Of the millions of hypothyroid sufferers in the U.S., 90% have Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroid Disease.  Many of these people are unaware they have Hashimoto’s Disease.  At Carolinas Thyroid Institute, a simple blood test is ordered for TPO and TGB antibodies, to confirm a Hashimoto’s diagnosis.  (For more information, request our Free Thyroid Report.)

“I was overweight, depressed and had low energy. After following Dr. Steven Roach’s treatment plan, I lost 40 pounds, was no longer diabetic and had so much energy…. I can email him with a question, and he is always there for me. I have never gotten that type of service from any other doctor.”    —Mona W., Yonges Island, S.C.*


*Individual results may vary.

See More under Success Stories

A Caring, Effective Approach

Focusing on hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Disease, our Functional Medicine practice uses a more personalized approach to patient care: we evaluate each person’s unique physiology and work with the body to bring healing, in a natural way.  To find the true source of the problem, Functional Medicine doctors ask, “WHY does this person still have hypothyroid symptoms?  What, over the years, contributed to it?”  Comprehensive, diagnostic lab tests look at whole-body systems (endocrine/hormonal, nervous, gastrointestinal), and a patient’s immune system gets the attention it deserves.   (See Functional Medicine for more information.) At Carolinas Thyroid Institute, Dr. Steven Roach looks at the entire body to find the real, underlying CAUSE of lingering hypothyroid or Hashimoto’s Disease symptoms.  (The doctor has a very personal story to tell, regarding his own daughter, under Meet the Doctor .)  Using the most up-to-date medical research available, our Functional Medicine practice gives individual care in the diagnostic process and in treatment.

“Before I started coming here, I was sluggish, tired, and overweight, and it didn’t matter how much I exercised or what I ate… I would still gain weight. Since coming here, I’ve lost 15 pounds, and I feel so much better. I have a lot more energy, and I sleep better at night. It has made a big difference in my life.”    —Jackie B., a Teacher*



*Individual results may vary.

Functional Medicine practitioners seek to remove triggers for Hashimoto’s patients that inflame an already raging immune system.  Removing these triggers has a powerful impact on hypothyroid symptoms, so it is important for patients to be able to identify them.  At Carolinas Thyroid Institute, the goal is to give patients this crucial information and to calm the immune-system storm of Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease.

“I have hypothyroidism. I had high cholesterol, high blood pressure, was overweight and a borderline Type 2 diabetic. Approximately seven years ago, I found the most wonderful, caring, kind, knowledgeable doctor ever. To sum it up, Dr. Steven Roach saved my life.”  —Darelene M., Fort Mills, SC* 



*Individual results may vary.

Nationwide Treatment for Distant Patients

Dr. Steven Roach offers nationwide, long-distance appointments via phone or Skype; therefore, new patients are accepted from anywhere in the United States.  Following consultation, patients receive a list of necessary blood tests and are directed to the closest Lab Patient Service Center for blood draw. If other specialty stool or urine lab tests are required, collection kits will be shipped directly to patients for home collection and for shipment of specimens to the lab.  Frequent follow-up phone visits will be scheduled throughout the patient’s treatment program to monitor progress and to make necessary adjustments to the treatment plan, as needed.

“I’ve worked with Dr. Roach by phone and email, because I was unable to locate anyone of high caliber locally who could help me with long-standing thyroid and adrenal issues. . . Dr. Roach has been the most genuinely caring Functional Medicine practitioner I’ve worked with. He… takes a detailed and personal approach to getting to the root of the problem and treating it. My biggest problems were severe depression, gut problems, and low energy, and I felt that life no longer had any quality. I’m very lucky to have found Dr. Roach—he has saved my life!” —Meg C., Advance, NC*


*Individual results may vary.

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