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Success Stories

At Carolinas Thyroid Institute, we value our patients’ feedback, and they have good stories to tell:

“ I had been experiencing symptoms that drastically affected my quality of life.”

“I had diabetes and thyroid disease… and I just felt tired all the time.”

“Before I started coming here, I was sluggish and tired and overweight….”

“I am an accountant…. My condition was an autoimmune disease, called Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism….”

“I can’t begin to tell you how much better I feel, just after seeing Dr. Roach for the last two months….”

“I am so grateful I came to Dr. Roach for treatment. My hair was falling out… I was lethargic….”

“I had been afraid my quality of life was declining, and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my retirement years.”

“ At the doctor… they would just up my medication. With hypothyroidism, though, it makes you tired. I would gain weight….”

“I have never felt so cared for in a medical practice”

Dr. Roach and his patient coordinator, Sherry, are nothing less than a God-send. I have suffered years of knowing what I needed from a physician but never receiving that help or being heard. I turned away from traditional medicine and developed severe anxiety regarding doctors, until I became very ill and realized that I would have to reach out to someone. I began a search and found wonderful reviews about Dr. Roach. I took a chance and from our first conversation I knew that I had found something exceptional.
Dr. Roach has a profound understanding of how the thyroid affects health and how to create a regimen that supports the body’s systems to work together for optimal health and energy. When I began my treatment (less than three months ago) I was suffering from extreme fatigue and pain. I had gone from being very strong and active to not being able to stand or walk for much longer than five minutes at a time. I had multiple symptoms that were debilitating and made me wonder if I would have to stop working, often making me avoid going out. I had started becoming very reclusive and depressed. Dr. Roach ordered a full panel of bloodwork and tests that detailed food sensitivities (among other things) and we began our journey based on those results. Through supplements and diet, I began to feel my energy return. I have physical stamina and mental clarity again. All of my previous symptoms are gone or nearly gone. I have a new lifestyle that supports my health without the use of pharmaceuticals and I couldn’t be happier to have left that world of treating symptoms (and not root causes) behind.
We manage my health via long distance appointments using phone and email contact. Although some may find that surprising, I can say that I have never felt so cared for in a medical practice. I am given time to ask questions and be an active part of my health management. The level of personal attention I get is priceless. Ultimately, I can honestly say that my treatment through Dr. Roach has saved my life. Sherry’s support has meant a great deal to me also. I feel like a beloved family member, not a random patient. My family and I cannot thank them enough. If you are considering working with Dr. Roach, be prepared for serious change and a brighter future than you have ever imagined. It will shift your entire perception of wellness.
– Barbara A

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